Something about black & white…

There is something about black & white photos that makes images feel timeless. Is it because a part of each of us is nostalgic in some way? Is it because there are no colours to distract our [...]

Families at Covid 19’s time

At “de Belle Photography”, we specialize in photographing people, which has made these past several weeks very unusual considering the fact that every week we are normally out and [...]


Although it’s your day, the moments and emotions around it are very important and beautiful. It’s very extraordinary when you have a photographer there to capture those moments. That is why we [...]

Casual photo session!

Can’t decide on your wedding photographer? Book us for a casual shoot and see what we can do! It will only take 1 to 2 hours of your time, and will give you a preliminary look at what we can do! [...]

Mallory & Max

Throwback to one of the most elegant wedding we’ve been part of.  Mallory and Max, thanks for having us on your magical day. de Belle Photography

Nicole & Mikael – Romance at night

Nicole and Mikael got married last december. Yes, it was a bit cold and the sun goes down early in december, but there were no reasons for them not enjoying the day and we got so many stunning [...]

And so it was raining…

Most of you worked for more than a year preparing your perfect wedding day. So many hours of work put together for one day. Meetings, researches, meetings, shopping, etc. Then THE day [...]

Andrea & Adam – Love and fur

We were honored to share Andrea & Adam’s magic day. The ceremony was st anding at the Chapel in Basilique Notre-Dame and the location for the couple’s photos in Old Port were the [...]

Randi & Fred

R andi & Fred are getting married in October this year.  We had a blast taking photos for their casual shoot.  You might think the place is unusual but look at these awesome photos!!! [...]

Lisa & Steven

That little urban corner we found on our way between the ceremony and reception hall was perfect! It is sometimes the most simple and unusual places that provide us the greater light and coolest [...]

Monica & Aless andro

A look across a room, a smile, a gaze, a touch, a wink, an embrace, a kiss….a moment captured! This is what we live for, this is why we show up every day and do what we do, this is what [...]

Elsa & Valério: mariage en hiver

Les mariages en hiver sont bien différents. Le séance photo des mariés est à la merci de la température: dehors ou à l’intérieur? Par contre, lorsque le temps est doux, le résultat des [...]

Come meet us! Venez nous voir!

To all future brides and grooms, the Let’s Get Married Show, the largest wedding show of it’s kind in Quebec, is coming up Jan.5th and 6th at Place Bonaventure! We are proud and [...]

Geneviève & Martin

Once in a while we are hired to capture a wedding in a unique location in Montreal. As you all know Montreal is not a large city, so a new venue for us is rare. Genevieve and Martin wanted [...]

Night Photography

A camera needs light just like our eyes do, without it, there is simply nothing that can be seen. A photographer learns quickly how light reacts to the bride and groom when using only the [...]