Night Photography

A camera needs light just like our eyes do, without it, there is simply nothing that can be seen. A photographer learns quickly how light reacts to the bride and groom when using only the available sources. If there are no external flashes being used then the shutter needs to stay open for long periods of time to soak in the light like a sponge. If the camera and or the couple moves at all, the shot needs to be redone.

Night photography is tricky without a doubt, but when a photography walks away with a powerful photo, the feeling is extremely rewarding, and as you can see below there is nothing more romantic than a beautiful night shot.

Considering that night photography takes a tremendous amount of patients and time, we usually do not have the chance to take evening photos with our couples during their busy wedding day. A great solution to this is to choose a night photo session prior to your wedding such as the following images from Lisa and Oliver.

But of course, the de Belle team shines when our couples request these particular photo shoots. Check out some of these samples for inspiration for your wedding or engagement shoot!

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