Families at Covid 19’s time

At “de Belle Photography”, we specialize in photographing people, which has made these past several weeks very unusual considering the fact that every week we are normally out and about taking pictures of folks, laughing & making people happy….that’s our job. After just 1 week of being locked up in the house, I was already missing photographing people and having that human interaction,  so I did a post offering free photoshoots for families in my neighbourhood during the month of April. Everyone booked their photoshoot online & I called people when I was st anding outside of their house. All the social/physical distancing rules applied, as I took all of these photos from quite a distance. I really enjoyed the experience as it gave families a chance to do something that perhaps they would not have normally done. During a time of uncertainty, we were able to get back to our core….making people happy 🙂

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