The Beauty of Street & Grunge Wedding Photography

Street photography is one of the oldest forms of photo documentation. In essence, it is the way of the photojournalist; to capture moments and people without them even knowing it. Timing is everything and the photographer has to have very quick reflexes. A second later and a photo can look and mean something completely different.

At de Belle photography we must use many styles and means of capturing moments just like a h andyman uses his tools. Nonetheless street and grunge photography is one of our favorite forms because it is a true representation of an environment.

Placement of our couples is key since light may be fragile and delicate in these settings. A decrepit area with cracks and chipped paint is simply beauty to us. We eat up all the small details like c andy. Rooftops, garages, ab andoned buildings, or run down streets is where we can find some of the most interesting combinations of textures, light, and moods. These locations may not be the most pleasing to the eye, especially during a wedding day, but the result can be spectacular.

de Belle Photography. Montreal Wedding Photography

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