Charlotte & Pierre-Jude

Charlotte & Pierre-Jude se sont mariés en Août dernier. Ils étaient si heureux et leurs sourires tout au long de la journée étaient contagieux pour nous tous qui ont eu l’immense [...]

Claudia & Johnny

Look at that beautiful and classy wedding we had the privilege to capture this fall. Claudia & Johnny are amazing clients. Thanks to them for having us sharing their beautiful day and [...]

Andrea & Adam – Love and fur

We were honored to share Andrea & Adam’s magic day. The ceremony was st anding at the Chapel in Basilique Notre-Dame and the location for the couple’s photos in Old Port were the [...]

Larissa & Simon

Merci à Larissa & Simon pour votre confiance. Cette journée était mémorable et votre chimie contagieuse. Félicitations à vous deux! de Belle Photography Montreal Wedding and Family Photography

Catherine & Mark-Anthony

Antoher beautiful wedding and beautiful couple from our 2017’s wedding season.  Old Montreal is always bringing it to create memorable photos.  Congratulations again to Catherine & [...]

Throwback wedding – Liane & Wade

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Skyline Stunner – Liane & Wade

This week we are fondly reminiscing over Liane and Wade’s stunning May wedding. After a touching service at Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral, the radiant couple joined friends and family [...]

Joanna & Aless andro’s Wedding

Joanna & Aless andro were married on a beautiful September day, just a few short weeks ago. Everything leading up to this incredible wedding was planned with great care, love and creativity [...]