Stephanie & Thomson






We met Stephanie & Thomson in January of last year and an instant bond was formed. Besides being two of the nicest people around, Stephanie, a romantic at heart, had her wedding planned out at the age of 10. She wanted a photographer that had been featured in Elegant Wedding Magazine, she wanted a great party with lots of food and drinks and somewhere in-between a pit stop at a Fire Station…Yup!
Thomson, well it was easy to see that his purpose in life is to make Stephanie happy. What more could a bride ask for?

Our goal for Stephanie & Thomson was to make sure we captured their dream wedding. Here are a few photos from their beautiful day and yes, we managed to make Stephanie’s ( and um, Thomson’s) fire station fantasy come true.

Many thanks go out to Stephanie & Thomson, for well, everything …
From all of us here at DeBelle & Positve Pictures

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