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We annually shoot some fashion editorials for our friends at Elegant Wedding. Next issue (coming out really soon) will just be awesome! This magazine can surely help you in your researches of photographer, videographer, florist, reception hall, dress, jewelry, etc…You will find many ideas for all your little details as well. We truly recommend you to consult it.

This year again, we had a nice fashion shoot and we wanted to share one picture with you to tease you a little bit. We decided to go on that shoot all together : all the main photographers from de Belle. It was a real experience for us & for the Elegant Wedding’s team.

As you know, post-production (retouching) has always been important in photography, even more in the fashion industry. Since photography turned to digital, it is more true than ever. Post-production is now a big part of all the fashion photographs you might see in any magazines. Possibilities are almost endless. That is why we wanted to show the before & after shots as shown above. Because were many photographers, the lighting was different from one photographer to another. Most of us were using the modelling lights instead of the flashes. To keep consistency through all the shots, the post-production has been a major step to create that nice soft & vintage look as you can see in the “after” shot. We will post all the final pictures in august as we don’t want to out-stage the magazine. So go buy it and enjoy!

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Interested in taking retouching classes? Let us know at info@www.debellephotography.com

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